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Old Homestead Holistics was built from passion with the intention of bringing people closer through holistic healing and community. The Homestead is a place where we practice self-love, value connection and celebrate all of life's moments. We honour the earth and encourage living fearlessly yourself. We embrace the natural and authentic you. We are here to guide you through your journey of growth, healing and life.


Old Homestead Holistics is a holistic healing, yoga and spiritual company based out of Georgina, Ontario. We specialize in natural health practices, crystal work, astrological work and yoga. We thrive on community and connection. We host events and classes, as well as one on one sessions. You can find us on the homestead or inside a number of small local businesses. Outside of our events, classes and private sessions, we sell crystals and other holistic healing items for personal use or thoughtful gifts.

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With a rich heritage dating back to the early 1800s, The Homestead stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of European settlers who laid its foundations. The legacy of this remarkable estate is etched into the very fabric of Georgina, as evidenced by the prestigious Old Homestead Road. Stretching from the scenic shores of Lake Simcoe in Keswick to the town line in Pefferlaw, this revered thoroughfare pays homage to the Homestead's illustrious history.

Distinguished by its unwavering commitment to preserving familial ties and ancestral roots, The Homestead remains a cherished abode for the descendants of its original founders. Across generations spanning eight illustrious chapters, the ancestral flame continues to burn bright, leaving an indelible mark upon this historic Century farm.

Enveloped in a tapestry of tradition and imbued with the echoes of generations past, The Homestead serves as a timeless tribute to the enduring legacy of its visionary pioneers. Embrace the enchantment of this extraordinary estate and embark on a journey through history, where the indomitable spirit of the eighth generation and beyond continues to shape the landscape and preserve the sanctity of this beautiful land.

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April Taylor embodies a captivating fusion of country charm, cosmopolitan flair, and the spirit of an island adventurer. Having traversed the Caribbean and Europe, her globetrotting adventures entailed working with esteemed international conglomerates, including the renowned Royal Household of Buckingham Palace. Currently, she finds solace on her family's ancestral farm nestled along the picturesque shores of Lake Simcoe in Canada, proudly carrying the heritage of seven generations.

Fuelled by an unwavering dedication to personal and spiritual growth, April immerses herself in the realms of wellness, forging connections with luminaries of the industry. Her relentless pursuit of knowledge has earned her an impressive array of Masterclass certifications, culminating in her recent attainment of a Masters in Reiki energy healing and Astrology.

As a Global Ambassador for health and wellness, April shines as a beacon of inspiration, extending her profound love and healing to a global audience. She stands as a proud member of The International Association of Reiki Professionals, wielding her expertise to touch lives and ignite transformation. Passionate about the ocean, astrology, and unique crystals, April lives each day in authenticity, guided by her personal mantra and trademark:


Be Love, Be Light, Be Guided By Angels.™

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